Prof. Richard Bibb
Loughborough University, UK

Title: "Design for Additive Manufacturing Considerations for Small Companies“
Abstract: Design for Additive Manufacturing is a growing area of research and much of the research is driven by the needs of large corporations in highly specialized high value and safety critical manufacturing sectors such as medical devices and aerospace. However, small manufacturing companies can also benefit from appropriately exploiting Additive Manufacturing, especially where they manufacture specialised low volume products. Additive Manufacturing enables small batch production on demand, little to no stock holding and crucially does not require large commitments to tooling. The presentation will highlight some of the key aspects small companies should consider when implementing Additive Manufacturing for the batch production of components and parts and show some illustrative examples.

Biodata: Richard Bibb is Professor of Medical Applications of Design in the School of Design & Creative Arts, Loughborough University. His research explores design for Additive Manufacturing and advanced design techniques in surgery, prosthetics, orthotics and medical devices. He founded the Medical Applications Group at PDR in 1998 and led it for 10 years. He moved to Loughborough University in 2008 and founded the Digital Design & Fabrication research group in 2014. He has contributed to research projects totalling £4.5m and more than 100 peer reviewed articles.

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